7 Tips to Level Up your Social Content (Bonus: They Also Make It Accessible)

This session will give you some easy tips to achieve social media level “expert” with the added benefit of making your content accessible to millions of different-abled people who you’re currently leaving out. This session is for social marketers who want to put the extra polish on their strategies, as well as those who are newer in role who want to start off on the right foot.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Have good hashtag etiquette that will keep you from a PR fail—with the bonus of making them easier to consume by all of your users
  • Understand that emoji etiquette will keep your post from becoming annoying to users of all abilities
  • Post better visuals that will get you more metrics success and allow you to help others “see” through your brand’s eyes
  • Master the silent auto-play challenge and get more views with better video practices
  • Depart the session with the understanding that accessible social is just good social, with take-aways that will change the way you “see” your content