Can I Trust These Numbers?! How to Build Trust in Your Data/Analytics

CEOs are increasingly less trusting of data handed to them from their marketing teams. The age of digital has afforded us plenty of new techniques and opportunities to measure and analyze results, but what good is it if nobody trusts the numbers? In this session, we’ll go over a no-nonsense approach for bridging the divide between data/analytics and marketing teams, so we can all tell better, more trustworthy stories to our leadership teams.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how marketing/IT/analytics teams can more effectively communicate with each other and build trust in the numbers
  • Establish a plan that integrates digital marketing around a single source of truth
  • Create more value out of your digital efforts by designing solutions that serve specific audiences
  • Set manageable objectives and KPIs to impress your C-Suite and get results like never before