Creating Influencer Content that Converts!

Acquiring influencers who create content that isn’t gimmicky, canned, or stale isn’t as easy as it seems. You already know that leveraging content creators, aka “Influencers,” to promote your brand can be a genuinely powerful tactic when you do it correctly. So, how do you ensure meaningful content creation?
Learn how to leverage your influencers to create on-brand, impactful content and avoid the pitfalls of “brand commercials” from influencers who are only seeking the highest bidder. Brand Marketers actively using influencer marketing or considering incorporating it in their content or advertising strategies should attend this talk.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Include five must-haves to ensure stellar content creation
  • Properly brief your influencers with outcomes in mind
  • Use practical tools to judge influencer/brand fit