The Declaration of SEO: 6 Fundamental SEO Truths to Live By and Apply to Your Own Efforts

“The Declaration of SEO” presents six fundamental truths that are essential for any business to achieve success with organic SEO. Mike will share key insights and tactics, developed by one of the leading SEO industry thought leaders for over 25 years Bruce Clay, that will help you make better decisions around SEO/PPC/Search campaigns.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Adapt to algorithm changes faster than your competitors
  • Arrange your website content in a hierarchy that increases relevance
  • Avoid SEO practices that could hurt your site in the long run

All attendees will also get a copy of the 34-page companion e-book from Bruce Clay. This is a free resource, so don’t miss it!

Who should attend?
This session is for anyone with an interest in generating more qualified leads that convert to revenues online with high ROI for their organization.

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