Get Millions of Impressions and Thousands of Followers on Instagram in 30 Days

There’s a formula to going viral on Instagram. While Instagram is a moving target as far their algorithm, there is one thing for certain; Instagram’s whole goal is to keep the user engaged and as long as possible. In this presentation you’ll discover how any company or brand can use their Instagram presence, take advantage of Instagram’s algorithm, and use viral content to grow their following and bottom line revenue. Most people believe their product isn’t fun or sexy enough for Instagram, but we’ll show a case study from a company that sells ice coolers who has almost a million followers.

At the end of this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Properly use a mix of viral content and self-generated content to represent your brand, lifestyle, and drive sales
  • Use a provided list of tools (iphone apps, android apps, and computer tools) to properly download, edit, and post content
  • Market your product in a viral way even if it’s not sexy