Is the Influencer Dead? The Rise of the Un-fluencer and How to Use Them on Twitter

Influencer marketing has been widely debated – one week it’s dying a slow death, the next, it’s the answer to every marketer’s problems. The fact is, it’s here to stay. By now, consumers are savvy about how they let in advertising into their daily lives, and influencer marketing is widely accepted. With that familiarity, though, comes a set of new challenges, and we’ll explore how to make your brand feel fresh in this established space with authentic partnerships, unique creative, and perfect timing. This session is for digital marketers interested in social, leveraging influencers, or both.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Learn how top brands are partnering with influencers on Twitter to stand out in unexpected ways
  • Apply simple, creative principles that can set drive conversation
  • Leverage influential voices at the right moment