Nimble Influencer Marketing: Brand Safety at the Speed of Social

Over the last two years, politics, a pandemic, and a burgeoning social justice movement set new expectations for brands to consider when trying to enter conversations on social media without sounding tone deaf. Partnering with influencers adds another layer of complexity as brands give up some of that comfortable control to content creators. This session will cover examples of where brands navigated this well and where brands made big mistakes. With each example, we’ll identify actionable ways you can move with the speed of the social conversation with your influencer partnerships.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand new expectations consumers have when it comes to brands entering into conversations on social media, and how to meet those expectations without coming across as tone deaf
  • Apply tactics to move at social’s quick pace when utilizing influencer partnerships
  • Avoid common mistakes with your influencer program based on real-world lessons of sucess and failure